Ancient Ways To Move Heavy Objects


Ancient Ways To Move Heavy Objects

While many modern people think ancient aliens and such build the large monuments and buildings of the ancient world, science is discovering everyday forgotten ancient technology that man used to do remarkable feats with raw labor like manpower and ropes.

While many say men could not have dragged the heavy monuments and building blocks of ancient egypt, the fact is ancient pictures in tombs do show teams of men using ropes and sledges to pull large items such as monuments.

One such relief showed a man pouring a liquid in front of the object being pulled.

Now scientists have verified that the right amount of water can reduce the amount of force it takes to pull an object across sand by as much as 50%.

Ancient technology such as ropes, sledges and raw man power was used to do much if not all of the ancient building projects that exist to this day. This picture shows it being done that way and the man pouring a liquid, most likely water in front of the object, does in fact scientifically make such a feat EASIER. Ancient Technology lost now rediscovered and it solves this Ancient Mystery.


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