Ancient Mystery

Famous Ancient Mysteries

By Sollog


The world is filled with Ancient Mysteries and every year more and more Ancient Sites are being found that our modern history books and even science books cannot explain.

History books are at a loss to explain the mysterious new ancient ruins of Gobekli Tepe and even scientists cannot explain the mysterious energy beam that emanates from the newly discovered ancient pyramids in Bosnia.

Sollog is world famous in the world of Paranormal and the media and his huge fan base calls him The Modern Nostradamus due to the accuracy of his infamous Prophecies.

Sollog has earned many honorary doctorates over the decades for his ground breaking theories in math and astrophysics. He is an expert on ancient civilizations and can translate over twelve ancient languages.

In Ancient Mystery Volume I Sollog takes on the most famous Ancient Mysteries in the world and his explanations may rewrite history books.

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Ancient Mystery